Para mis estudiantes
Baldo, Mariana, Pablo, Bryan, Liz, Anahi, y Anna

[ For any expression: a,b,c and d

if a=b

and c=d                 then a+c = b+d]

La etimología de evolución abre lo que has envuelto (rolled up). El pasado tan al principio (unroll). Medicina, matemáticas, escrituras, y todo lo que incluye una forma de crecimiento. Individuals living things.One single light origin magnifying. I have not felt any form of evolution inside the institutions I am placed in or have placed myself in. The decision of deciding. Ability to choose against everything that is harmful. How do we decide? Endless. Sense. Seeds.
          To solve a system of equations by elimination, we start with both equations in standard form. At the beginning of September 2021 I became an academic tutor for students who were arriving in the United States. Most of those students were from Mexico, specifically Zacatecas. A region in Mexico which in January 2021 was destructively impacted by climate change, making a lot of families lose the income dependent on the land. An area in Mexico which also has created displacement because of its forms of Narco Violence. I had no solid mathematical knowledge to become an academic tutor for these students. The only knowledge or circumstance or requirement or stage or ability or sense or identity I had for the position was that I was a Mexicana woman who spoke Spanish.
          Hoy tengo veinticinco años / vivo / soy una mexicana de los Estados Unidos / tengo cabello negro / ojos cafe / un lunar en la esquina de mi ojo derecho / he trabajado en los sistemas escolares donde muchos momentos sigue el racismo, capitalismo, homophobia, opresión, clasismo, y colonización. ¿Cuántas veces lo has visto? ¿Sentido en tu cuerpo piel?
          We must then decide which variable in the equation would be easiest to eliminate. How do we decide? We want to have the coefficients of one variable be opposites, so that we can add equations together and eliminate that variable. Madera. Dura. Fuerte. Puertas del hogar. ¿Cuántos de nosotros hemos perdido nuestro hogar? Llenar el ser de nuevo. Respira. Tembla. Deja. Recoge. Estás aquí. Tu mereces estar aquí. Aquí. Aquí.
          The elimination method is based on the Addition Property of Equality. The Addition Property of Equality states that when you add the same quantity to both sides of an equation, you still have equality. When you add equal quantities to both sides of an equation, the results are equal. Survive. Diagram of the same equation. Misplaced tradition forgiving. How does an environment begin to feel strange? Halter. Hold. Am I losing the root of this? One school system called the students arriving from outside the US “Newcomers”. Involvement. To not be here or belong. The act of feeling away from home. The act of assimilation. Identity. Language. Forma. Shape. The act of becoming. Erasure. Change. What do artists do when they are displaced? When they are faced with systematic erasure? Eventual fall. Everything in its conclusion.
La semana pasada 20 maestros mandaron correos electrónicos pidiendo que the “New Comers” students should be removed from their classrooms. The emails varied but each teacher explained that it was too much to have the students in their classrooms. Un sistema de matemáticas. Los efectos de incluir lo negativo y lo positivo. Una explicación. Luego la respuesta. Alguien que apenas está reconociendo el movimiento de números lo puede aprender de qué manera.

[Notice how this works when we add these two equations:
5x=5 ]

Respira. Aquí incluyes un error porque el error es lo que puedes aprender de. De Nuevo De Nuevo. Hazlo de vuelta. Tú puedes. Necesitas ayuda. Cómo aprender. Cómo seguir. Guidance what does it look like? Motion picture change. Follow. The path to dismantle a system is to participate in it. single origin. The decision to come back to life is always a choice and still un-whirls out of our human control. ¿Existe o no existe? Hacer. Haz. Paz. What agreement of change do we all need to follow? The strange serenity to meaning. A bird bathes before or after two days of rain. Mendieta was someone who was responding to her displacement. Falling for whose agreement? Second floor. Sit sun. Straining today. Has been. Would you remember? Tightness. New form of tightness. January tightness. Sun. So much you breathe. It hits below. Knees. Legs feet. Do not move away. Railing casts itself. Splitting segments of light onto ground. One slit. Sun does hit. Unopened band-aid. Look at it then look away. Step on it.

A few months ago I was told by one of the teachers that the students are “mal educados”, “malcriados” and that they do not know how to behave in the classroom. On Wednesday I had an art teacher tell me that she is a good woman after removing most of the “Newcomers” from her class. The integration of this failing system cycling through each “new” body.
Today in one of the Algebra Classes the teacher does not slow down for my students to understand. And so when I am explaining and trying to help students catch up on the notes and problems, he stops me and says: “We are moving on to the next thing”
Respira mira la venta y el mar. ¿De dónde llegamos? ¿Y dónde puedes descansar hoy? Dejar levemente. Qué es lo que tenemos que hacer para la juventud. Para el mundo. ¿Es necesario o no es necesario? ¿Qué vestido lleva puesto el silencio?

Let’s try another one:
x+4y= 2
2x+5y= -2
This time there is no variable that can be immediately eliminated if we add the equations. But if we multiply the first equation by -2, we will make the coefficients of x opposites. We must multiply every term on both sides of the equation by -2. Realizations. Integration. Disguise. Dismissal. Responses. Heavy carrying. No other response. Awareness and acceptance. Vividly here is this system and we acknowledge it and therefore. I am reminded of the conversation I had with one of the principals about the constant issues that take form in these systematic classroom settings. Lining in the verbal mind. Strain. Making a path. Single statement forming. Dissolve. Returning. She says through the phone:
“We acknowledge that your position is only putting a band-aid on the larger systemic problem we have in this school, within the district, within the country.”
A bell rings. The crowds from every door burst in and out of the courtyard. The band aid stays in the ground. Light comes in. Then it disappears. Placement. Conclusion for a similar destiny. If we disperse all minds. All believeness that every human being is whole. Feel the beating heart
lung mind           soul                     disperse                   human existence.
          Addressing something does what? If we listen. If we dissipate. If we dissipate easily as ice does underneath the sun we will not need to. The need for chaos needed when and how? Sara Ahmed’s words on Queer Phenomenology “Confusion, Disorientation still leads you somewhere” And then her words from a Paris Review Interview: “If you are willing to reproduce the institution by not complaining, not challenging what is going on, you have ever more the root free for those who are willing to reproduce the institution. And so I think of complaints as non reproductive labor. It is work you have to do in order not to reproduce and inherit. That work slows you down.It makes it harder for you to get through.”
          The steady walkway to the brick building where there is a moving electrical sign WELCOME to Boulder High . Where WELCOME then fades W E L C O M E         E L C O M E
LCOME        COME       OME     ME             E         E      E    E    E
E FOR EVERYONE. E FOR EVERYONE is not a false statement or inaccurate. It is not that EVERYONE is existing inside this building or that EVERYONE is something about inclusion. E FOR EVERYONE does not refer to anything. It is just a sign. Bright red moving lettering. Almost to the moment of bodiless. Small fragments. I begin to sit somewhere else where I can gather thoughts on liberty. Snow on the ground. This is not the first time someone writes a piece about this. The E FOR EVERYONE. And so should I stay and teach? I am following all the patterns that I am supposed to and where is that leading me? Complaint. Complaining about structure is complaining about something all the time. Complaining is the thing that does traumatize us. Sometimes we do not complain because it is re-traumatizing the body. I listened to an interview my friend Priyanka Das does with Flex Dance Academy during one of my breaks. “Not everyone needs to be loud and proud” she says when discussing addressing a problem. So I film things and I begin writing this.
When someone hires you for a job they can only find out a few things about you in your workplace. They don’t know the complexities of information. The overload. So I also have been writing fragments of this piece inside the bathroom stalls and realizing how slowly some things take time to happen. How slowly and in silence I’ve become. Pero esta no es la historia del cuerpo que sufre y no encuentra remedies.
          Once we get an equation with just one variable, we solve it. Then we substitute that value into one of the original equations to solve for the remaining variable. And, as always, we check our answer to make sure it is a solution to both of the original equations.

Diana Lizette es una estadounidense mexicana de San Antonio, Texas. Artista experimental de poesía y cineasta que explora lenguaje de color y deferencia. Ex alumna de la Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.

Diana Lizette is a Mexican American from San Antonio, Texas. Experimental poetry artist and filmmaker who explores language of color and deference. Alumni of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.